Core Licenses :

  • HDB Registered Renovation Contractor
  • BCA Registered General Building Contractor
  • BCA Licensed Builder
  • WSHC bizSAFE Level 3 Certification

Registered Licenses :

  • IES Facade Inspector
  • IES Resident Technical Officer
  • NEA Environmental Control Officer
  • MOM Workplace Safety & Health Officer
  • MOM Workplace Safety & Health Auditor

At Central Constructer Pte Ltd, we have always placed the interests of our customers first.
We are an enterprise where, high quality work came before profits.
This is our DNA and this is how we are made different.

Central Constructer Pte Ltd – CCPL was established to provide quality GREEN house building and excellent construction works in Singapore.

As one of Singapore’s Most Preferred “GREEN Remodeler”, we have the mission to provide GREEN value and dream homes for customers.

We Make Building and Construction Simple, GREEN, Honest & High Quality!

Our Vision

To be Singapore’s Most Preferred “GREEN Remodeler” for Building and Construction.

Our Mission

To be able to fulfill Clients’ Dream Properties.

Our Competitive Strengths

  • Timely and accurate forecast for completion of projects with quality assurance.
  • Create Environmental-Friendly / GREEN proposals to add value to clients’ properties.
  • Adding GREEN value to end-products while reducing environmental pollution issues.
  • Abilities to accommodate clients’ requests with reasonable budget.
  • Constant update of “GREEN” materials and practices to be suggested to clients.
  • Strictly adhere to use of good quality materials and providing excellent workmanships.
  • Act within the means of clients’ spending power with regard to implementation of “Utilities-Saving” methods.
  • Strive towards gaining recognition of clients’ properties by authorities and media.
  • Quality of being new, original or unique / GREEN.
  • Providing extraordinary post-product services whenever required.


CENTRAL CONSTRUCTER is one of the most preferred “Green Remodeler” company in Singapore with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of quality.