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As people are constantly thinking of ways to improve their luck, wealth and environment, Feng Shui has become a popular trend in most parts of the world for house owners. Feng Shui is about understanding how energy may affect people’s performances in areas where they live in.

A Good Feng Shui House

Feng Shui is a wide topic and it has to be customized into personal requirements based on factors such as birthdates, arrangement of furniture, building orientation and etc to fully optimize its positive effects on a household. However, there are also Feng Shui practices which are standardised and applicable to all houses, the below are some points which house owners may consider:

  • External Feng Shui – A good Feng Shui house should avoid facing “Sha Chi” (negative forces). A common example of “Sha Chi” is T-junction. Thus, avoid main door from facing directly at a T-junction.
  • Front Door – Smooth, strong and clear energy flowing towards front door. Make sure that the front door is unobstructed by bins, dead plants and etc in order to allow positive energy to flow through the front door smoothly.
  • Main Entry – The point whereby the house absorbs the energy, owners have to make sure that the positive energy is able to channel throughout the whole house. Preventing back door from aligning with front door is crucial so that good energy do not escape easily.
  • Feng Shui Trinity – There are three areas in a house which are very much rooted with well-being of people living in the house; the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom. These are the essential areas which people prepare themselves for the day as well as sum up their day. Some examples will be opening the windows of the bedroom often or usage of quality air-purifier to keep the air fresh, proper lightings in the kitchen and hanging of crystal on the ceiling of the bathroom so that the energy will be flowing upwards instead of going down the drains.
  • Fresh Feng Shui Energy – Allowing house to be nourished by fresh and clean flowing energy by tidying the place. Clear clutter in order to maximise the flow of positive energy around the house.


A good Feng Shui in a house will be able to strike a balance for all aspects of life as indicated in the table below:

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Feng Shui

Central Constructer is able to build according to your Feng Shui needs upon request.