Renovation & Interior Design2017-10-24T12:57:12+08:00

Renovation and Interior design is the design aspects of environmental psychology, architecture and product design.

Central Constructer renovation and interior design is the creative practice that redefines the interior of a structure using decor that show the characteristics and lifestyle of the owner, business as well as the family.

At Central Constructer, we aspire to create high quality, unrivalled experience reflecting your unique personality, family and lifestyles within every project.

We talk about positive and negative spaces, it is important to first understand the term “space” in itself. In interior design any volume which is being contained within masonry walls and are habitable is normally termed as space.

Especially, staying in Singapore where living spaces are limited in size, it is always a tough challenge as to how to optimize every available space with the desired design.

As most of our happiest time were spend at with our loved ones and family at home, in the office, shopping arena or even SPA.  The desire for comfort relaxing living and smoothing interior design that customised to suit each individuals and group is very much important.

Central Constructer discuss every details on space and conceptual planing. While providing interior design ideas, we are very careful when it comes to selecting the right building material for residential and commercial renovation.

A certain level of expertise, coordination and installation is require in order to produce a high quality, attractive and durable finish product.

With a wealth of experience and dedicated professionals,  Central Constructer provides a full complement of interior design to see your renovation project to its perfection.