GREEN Information 01 – Glazing

GREEN Information 01 – Glazing


Eco-Friendly Glazing for House Glass Panels are an essential element in every property as they serve as an entry-point for light and sound. It also plays a part in deciding the room temperature, thus, quality and energy-efficient glazing is a must.


Glass Guidelines

The most important component of a Eco-Friendly Glazing for House Glass Panels are it glass. Owners may choose to have single, double or triple layer(s) of glass with different types of tinting to optimise insulation. However, more glasses will increase the cost of the window/glass door/skylight and thus, glazing is introduced.



Insulation of a window/glass door/skylight is enhanced by injecting air or inert gas (Krypton or Argon gas are commonly used) between the panes. The gases are non-toxic but neither they are cheap. The reason for the high cost is mainly due to the labour required to carry out the works as special care is needed to fill the glass with the gases and making sure that they do not escape. Krypton is also expensive due to its limited supply.

Tinting or Low-Emissivity (Low-E) Coating is another component of Glazing. Low-E Coatings reduce the Ultra-Violet light released from sun which is harmful to human and furniture. Low-E Coatings also plays a part in insulation. A window/glass door/skylight which consist of Low-E Coatings and the relevant gas (Krypton or Argon) will be high-energy efficient.


Alternative to Prevent Heat Gain without Eco-Friendly Glazing


a) Blinds

Blinds, Curtains and Shutters may be good for light control and privacy but they are not very insulating. There are different types of window blinds made from different materials such as fabric, wood, plastic or metal which is adjustable.


b) Window Films

Window Films are able to control window air gaps which help to reduce transmissions to houses by reflecting sunlight. Window films are usually cost-effective and Eco-Friendly.

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