GREEN Information 03 – Insulation Wall

GREEN Information 03 – Insulation Wall


Insulation Wall with cavity is for the purpose of reducing heat loss through the cavity wall. This can be done by injecting air space in between the face brick and masonry block with material which hinders heat transfer.

Insulation Wall

In the process of constructing a new building, insulation wall with cavity is commonly filled with rock wool or glass fibre wool panels which are placed in between two sides of the wall. For buildings which are not constructed with insulated cavities, fibrous materials such as glass wool or cellulose insulated materials could be injected into its cavity through neatly drilled holes. (These holes are then later covered with cement which is able to differentiate by colour of new and existing cement). *Foam such as polyurethane can also be used for this. 


Other types of insulation wall

Some houses aren’t made from brick or stone – for example, steel-frame or timber-frame buildings, and houses made from pre-fabricated concrete.

Generally these houses don’t have a cavity to fill, but it may be possible to insulate them in the same way as a solid wall. However, you may need a specialist company to insulate a non-standard wall.


Solid insulation wall types

– Internal insulation wall is done by fitting rigid insulation boards to the wall, or by building a stud wall filled in with mineral wool fibre.

– External insulation wall involves fixing a layer of insulation material to the wall, then plastering or cladding.


Comparison of both types

Internal insulation wall:

  • Less costly.
  • Floor area reduced. (the thickness of the insulation is around 100mm)
  • Disruptive. (need to shift furnitures)
  • Hard to fix heavy items to insulated wall.

External insulation wall:

  • Give the external wall a new appearance.
  • Improve weather and sound resistance.
  • Fills cracks and gaps for the outer brick work.
  • Reduce condensation on the internal walls.
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