GREEN Writeout 04 – Recycled Materials for GREEN Concrete

GREEN Writeout 04 – Recycled Materials for GREEN Concrete


As we are facing globalization, environmental issues are increasing due to the development of infrastructures. In order to contribute to saving the Earth, Singapore Government is emphasising on sustainable development with the introduction of recycled materials for building and construction businesses.


With regards to growing economic and environmental factors, stakeholders ranging from Developers, Architects and Engineers to Owners are looking for creative and efficient building solutions which conserve non-renewable resources using recycled materials. Concrete is being deemed as one of those solutions which contribute to effective sustainable development due to its environmental benefits – GREEN Concrete (10-50%) if its contents are replaced by hard cores as recycled materials.


Non-toxic industrial by-products such as Washed Cooper Slag (WCS) and Fly-Ash are some recycled materials which are being used to replace parts of concrete’s mass. WCS can be processed to be substitution of sand for concrete (structural and non-structual). Fly-Ash in concrete helps to lower the amount of non-durable “Calcium Hydroxide” and in the process, coverts it into “Calcium Silicate Hydrate” – the strongest part of concrete paste. Fly-Ash also fills voids in concrete as their particles are small. Their characteristics of being round and hard also allow the concrete to be manufactured using lesser amount of water.


GREEN Concrete also minimises carbon emissions from cement, thus, making it more “Environmental-Friendly”.


Please click here for Singapore GREEN Labelling Scheme Certification Guide.

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