House Information 02 – Pressure Grouting

House Information 02 – Pressure Grouting


Pressure Grouting, also known as Intrusion Grouting or Consolidation Grouting is the injection of a grout material into an isolated pore or void space by portioning the amount of water and cement. The grout may be a cementitious, resinous, or chemical solution mixture. 


Types of Method

– Up stage pressure grouting method is that the injection pipes are pre- driven down to hard bearing soil.

– Down stage pressure grouting method is not widely used, this is basically just the opposite procedure of upstage grouting.

This method allows us to raise damaged structures, floor slabs and walls back to existing or near original grade while stabilizing and enhancing the soils beneath and around the structure.  This method reduces the permeability of water and increases the density and load bearing capacities of the existing soils.  Since this is a cement based product, it is a permanent repair and will result in a very low risk of future settlement.

Pressure Grouting

When a foundation begins to settle, its walls tend to develop stress cracks. Pressure Grouting is used to bring the sagging foundation back to its original shape and sometimes, the cracks may be repaired as well.


The following are signs that you have foundation settlement:

  • Stair step cracks in the brick or corner of the home
  • Windows do not open
  • Cracks in the brick above or below the window
  • Sheet rock cracks on the outside wall
  • Exterior doors that do not close correctly
  • Floors sloping toward the outside walls


How you can tell if you have FLOOR SLAB SETTLEMENT:

  • Sloping floor slab
  • Cracks in sheet rock above interior doors and doors are sticking
  • Space between the base board, partition walls, and floor slab
  • Cracks in the concrete floor, tile, and separation in hardwood floor


Causes of foundation or floor slab settlement:

  • Soft soils under foundations or floor slab
  • Broken sewer line, water line, or floor drain under the floor slab
  • Failure to compact the soils properly during construction
  • Voids created by ground water
  • Trees sapping the ground water under the foundation


Also know as :

– Re-Waterproofing

– Waterproofing System

– Water Seepage Repair

– Polyurethane Pressure Grouting

– Epoxy Pressure Grouting

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