Materials Selection 04 – Types of Door Materials

Materials Selection 04 – Types of Door Materials


Factors to Consider for the Door Materials:


1) For functional or decorative?

2) For strength or security?

3) Will it helps to lower your energy bills?

4) What is the function and location of the door?


What are the Types of Door Materials?
Materials Properties
Wood. – For both interior and exterior.

– Can be made from a variety types of wood.

– Can be stained to match a particular finish or painted to a desired color.

– Able to sustain minor damage, such as dents and dings and be easily repaired.

– Subject to warping or swelling when exposed.

– Exterior wood door will need regular maintenance and refinishing from time to time.


Steel metal. – Used primarily as exterior doors because of their durability and security.

– Will not rot, warp or swell when exposed.

– Less expensive than solid wood doors.

– More difficult to repair if they get dented.


Fiberglass. – Can be used for either interior or exterior doors.

– Can be molded to resemble wood grain finishes and a variety of colors to mimic hardwood such as Oak or Mahogany.

– Can be painted to match a desired color scheme.

– Will not warp or swell when exposed.

– Difficult to repair if the door is damaged.


Medium Density Fiberboard. (MDF) – Hollow-core doors are typically used for interior doors.

– Surface can be constructed from wood veneer to Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF).

– The inside may be completely hollow or have a web of cardboard to provide stability.

– Have the appearance of a solid wood door and are usually much less expensive.

– Less maintenance and refinishing.


PolyVinyl Chloride. (PVC) – Environmental-Friendly using recycled off cuts of PVC .

– The constituents can be recycled at the end of the door’s life.

– It helps to end up in land fill or being incinerated.

– The chopped down PVC can be turned into chip granulate, micronized powder or compounded pellets which are then used in all manner of places, from coating swimming pools to making the soles of shoes.

– Difficult to repair if they get dented.


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